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I help empower you to live more strongly as yourself through understanding your natural energy and applying it to your self, your relationships, your clothes and your home. Come explore the world of soul elements.
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Hi, My name is Olga
I am a soul guide, therapist and coach.
"I connect with women who want a new way of being. We use temperament theory, colour psychology,  psychotherapy and energy work to help you live from your heart and feel confident, calm and clear. We start with clothes because they are the easiest way to express your vibration.  Get them right and the vibration you send into the world is congruent with your energy.  Then we move to the inner self and look at tools to best support your soul. Next, we consider your relationships and how you can use this knowledge to make them better. Finally, we look at your home and how to make it support you.  At the end of this journey, you send a harmonious frequency into the world. You know yourself much better and gain confidence, you understand others much better and you have created a home that best supports you and your life. I am passionate about sharing the soul elements because this knowledge has changed my life. "

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